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Stucco Remediation Services in West Chester, PA

Stucco has been a material of choice for construction finishing for thousands of years. Its durability, attractiveness, and weather resistance make it an appealing choice. Unfortunately, Southeastern PA is the #1 area in the country for stucco failure. Many homes built between five and 20 years ago may need their stucco remediated.

If you’ve noticed black streaking on your home, particularly weeping into the corners of windows or streaking by your downspouts, schedule an inspection with a certified stucco inspector. If your stucco needs to be replaced, contact A.H. Davis & Son, Inc. We will remove your stucco and replace it with fiber cement siding which preserves the value of your home; makes your non-stucco house attractive to potential buyers; and gives you a virtually maintenance-free exterior.

Left unrepaired, your faulty stucco will trap moisture in your home, resulting in rotting wood, which can lead to mold, which can lead to allergies, which can lead to asthma.

Contact us today to schedule your stucco remediation estimate at 610-918-1900.